Nuremberg – A City with Tradition that Lives in the Present

Nuremberg. A name that may remind some of bratwurst (Nuremberg sausages), lebkuchen (gingerbread) and the Christmas-season Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas market) – and others of the infamous Nazi Party Rallies and the International Military Tribunal’s criminal prosecution of the Nazi regime of terror at the Nuremberg Trials. Still others might associate the city’s name with great figures in the history of art and culture like Albrecht Dürer, Veit Stoss and Willibald Pirckheimer.

Whatever image you may associate with Nuremberg, the reality is actually a very multifaceted mosaic. This is a cosmopolitan business metropolis with an outstanding infrastructure, forward-looking industries and a consistent flow of innovation; a centre of learning with respected universities and research institutions; an internationally recognised site for trade fairs; a city of culture, with a diverse range of museums and a parade of appealing events; a socially aware city, with exemplary projects and facilities. Numerous international surveys vouch for the high quality of life enjoyed by its more than 500,000 residents. And there’s also its fast-paced assortment of different cultures that are as integral a part of its panorama as the city’s harmonious blend of history and modernism.

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Fotos: Kaiserburg Nürnberg © Uwe Niklas, Deutsches Museum Nürnberg © Ludwig Olah, Tiergärtnertorplatz Nürnberg | Nuremberg Tiergärtnertorplatz © Florian Trykowski