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NCC Mitte

On 2 levels, the NCC Mitte offers you a wide range of possibilities for realizing your event with up to 1,500 participants – learn more about the location and possible uses of all rooms and halls here.

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NCC Mitte is centrally located beside the site’s own Underground station, almost in the middle of the NürnbergMesse grounds. The entry hall, with every relevant service facility, covers more than 6,000 m² and impresses visitors with its light-filled, transparent architecture and spectacular roof of inflatable slats. All convention spaces are on the same, single level with the plenary auditorium, and grouped compactly around a central piazza.
Overview of the NürbergMesse Exhibition Center with position of NCC Mitte

NCC Mitte in a few words

  • 10 rooms and halls, additional organisational offices / changing rooms
  • Modern entry area, flexibly usable for exhibitions, catering and events
  • A futuristic plenary auditorium for some 1,000 people, can also be subdivided
  • Direct connection to Exhibition Halls 1, 9, 10 and 11 (Frankenhalle) and the park grounds
  • Restaurant and bistro
  • Ideal for events from 450 up to 1,500 participants

360° tour of NCC Mitte

Experience the NCC Mitte in an interactive 360° tour and get an impression of the look and feel of the rooms and halls.

Move through all the rooms on the two levels by selecting the respective level and room or hall on the right. By clicking on the selected room or hall in the level plan, you an start the tour.

Level overview with all rooms and halls of NCC Mitte

Level 0 | Level 1

Level 0

Restaurant Behaims

Bistro Mitte

Position NCC Mitte Level 1

Level 1

Hall Brüssel 

Floor space: 902 m² | Row: max. 1.000 | Parliament: max. 545  

Hall Brüssel 1

Floor space: 539 m² | Row: max. 565 | Parliament: max. 335

Hall Brüssel 2

Floor space: 339 m² | Row: max. 370 | Parliament: max. 220 

Hall München

Floor space: 444 m² | Row: max. 465 | Parliament: max. 270 |
Banquet: max. 304

Hall München 1

Floor space: 276 m² | Row: max. 300 | Parliament: max. 165  

Hall München 2

Floor space: 167 m² | Row: max. 145 | Parliament: max. 90 

Room Mailand

Floor space: 148 m² | Row: max. 150 | Parliament: max. 70 

Room Athen

Floor space: 132 m² | Row: max. 120 | Parliament: max. 55  

Room Lissabon

Floor space: 92 m² | Row: max. 70 | Parliament: max. 35  

Room Basel

Floor space: 58 m² | Row: max. 45 | Parliament: max. 25  

Room Nizza

Floor space: 39 m² | Row: max. 25 | Parliament: max. 10  

Room Verona

Floor space: 37 m² | Row: - | Parliament: -  | Banquet: max. 10

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Team Acquisition Guest Events & NürnbergConvention Bureau

Team Acquisition Guest Events & NürnbergConvention Bureau

If you would like to hold your event at the NürnbergConvention Center or on the grounds of NürnbergMesse, please send us your enquiry.

We’ll provide comprehensive advice, look for suitable event facilities and check your preferred time slot. We will then prepare a detailed offer for you for the execution of your event on our venue.

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Team Guest Events & NürnbergConvention

Team Guest Events & NürnbergConvention

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NürnbergConvention Center and NürnbergMesse: impressions and highlights

View of NCC Mitte and Rotunde from the outside

NürnbergConvention Center (NCC) digital brochure

Get an overall impression of the NürnbergConvention Center! The digital info brochure specifically designed for event planners summarises the most important information for you and shows you the impressive exhibition grounds.

Green Screen Studio – Video Content Solutions

Produce high-quality video content in our Green Screen Studio in room Venedig (NCC West) and generate more reach from your event! Whether it’s an image film, interview or press conference – we have the ideal solutions for your communication goals.

NürnbergMesse – architecture that leads the way

What makes the architecture of NürnbergMesse so special? It’s the spectacular stylistic elements and an infrastructure that is rigorously driven by the needs of those who use it. With maximum functionality. Innovative and vibrant. Perfect for the event formats of the future.

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Event in NCC Mitte

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View of the NürnbergMesse Exhibition Center

Journey and parking at the NürnbergMesse Exhibition Center

Whether you opt for car, train or plane, find all the information on getting to the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg as well as available parking spaces here.

Visitors walk to the entrance at the NürnbergMesse exhibition center.

Accessibility on the exhibition grounds

The NürnbergMesse exhibition grounds offer barrier-free facilities for people with limited mobility. All services and useful information for people with disabilities can be found here.