NürnbergConvention | Sustainability at NürnbergMesse
NürnbergMesse CEO Peter Ottmann, Albert Füracker, Markus Söder, Marcus König and former CEO Prof Roland Fleck (from left to right) on the roof of NürrnbergMesse standing behind solar panels

Sustainability for you

Since 2015, NürnbergMesse has been successfully pursuing the goal of implementing more energy-efficient and sustainable events in the exhibition centre with its "energy offensive" – your event in the NürnbergConvention Center will benefit from this as well!

As one of the 15 largest trade fair companies in the world, we are committed to taking responsibility and aligning our actions with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Conscious use of resources, equality or sustainable development of the trade fair center are therefore a matter of course and form the basis of our corporate decisions. In 2021, our numerous initiatives and projects were anchored in a sustainability strategy, the ten most important fields of action were outlined and summarized in a sustainability compass. In order to make sustainable action transparent, we have been publishing a voluntary integrated annual and sustainability report since 2021.
NürnbergMesse CEO Peter Ottmann (right) and former CEO Dr Roland Fleck (left) with the DGNB certificate in front of hall 3C

Certifications and awards 

Responsible handling of the natural environment and energy-saving measures play an elementary role for us. NürnbergMesse was already certified according to DIN ISO 50001 in 2015. We have been listed in the German Sustainability Code since 2022 and as a member of fairpflichtet set an example for ecological, economic and social commitment in the event industry (read the press release here). Particularly with regard to the further development of the exhibition center, we place a special focus on sustainability and energy-efficient construction. Our newest exhibition halls 3A and 3C have been awarded the "Platinum" certificate of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) (read the press release here). In the case of new buildings and major refurbishments of the site, the DGNB certification is also checked and the specifications regarding ecological, social and economic aspects are taken into account. All measures taken by NürnbergMesse contribute to the long-term goal of ensuring a climate-neutral energy supply by 2028.

Human hand touches solar panel

Energy offensive

NürnbergMesse launched its "energy offensive" back in 2015 to reduce the energy consumption of the company and its events. Various measures, such as the successive conversion of the site and hall lighting to energy-saving LED lights or the modernization of systems (hot water treatment plant dismantling), have already enabled around 6.5 million kWh of electricity (approx. 2,200 tons of CO₂) have been saved. In addition, the entire exhibition center is powered 100% by green electricity and district heating. Since construction began in March 2023, the hall roofs have been successively equipped with 21,000 battery- and hydrogen storage-protected photovoltaic modules covering a total area of 75,000 square meters. This will allow around 20 MWp (megawatt peak) of electricity to be produced and stored by the 7.7 MWh battery storage system. Read the article to get more information on the energy management of NürnbergMesse. 

There are currently 38 e-charging points available at the exhibition center. In addition, there are the six fast charging points of the AUDI Charging Hub on the grounds. The expansion of further e-charging points on the grounds are already being planned and implemented. Information on the locations of the e-charging points as well as instructions on how to use them can be found at www.nuernbergmesse.de/en/e-mobility.
Ressourcen Werk Nürnberg

Waste utilization and recycling

During our events a reduction of waste production is aimed at and positively influenced by various measures. The resulting waste is separated by our partner "Ressourcen Werk Nuremberg" with the help of intelligent sorting systems, the resulting waste is 99% sorted, recycled and fed into the material cycle.
To get a detailed overview of the most important principles, you can download the sustainability guidelines in German on the website of hofmann denkt.

Stand of Lehrieder Naturliebe Küche

Sustainable catering

Our subsidiary Lehrieder Catering cooperates with farms and supports regional partners. The "Naturliebe Küche" stands for sustainable buffets and catering offers. In the selection of food, the focus is on regional, seasonal and organic origin. In the catering sector, recycling and closed-loop systems are being further expanded and food waste reduced with the help of cooperative ventures. Dishes and cutlery are increasingly being made from renewable, degradable raw materials. Further information about the sustainable actions and concepts of Lehrieder Catering can be found here: lehrieder.de/en/lehrieder/sustainability