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High Fives – 5 years of NürnbergConvention: Congress city Nuremberg celebrating an anniversary
NürnbergConvention, the Congress brand for Nuremberg, was launched five years ago. Now the cooperation partners NürnbergMesse, the Congress- und Tourismuszentrale Nürnberg (CTZ, Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office) and the city of Nuremberg have taken stock of the situation. The result: “Thanks to marketing under one roof, Nuremberg has successfully positioned itself as an ideal venue for congresses, conferences and events”, according to Nuremberg’s business consultant and acting city councillor Dr. Michael Fraas. “With NürnbergConvention we have succeeded in placing Nuremberg as a congress city on the radar of the national and international congress planners”, says a delighted NürnbergMesse-CEO Dr. Roland Fleck. A major plus for event planners is also the founding of the NürnbergConvention Bureau (NCB), parallel to the creation of NürnbergConvention, which offers “Service from one source”. In 2015, a total of 33,071 events attracting around 1.8 million visitors were held at the venues, conference hotels and event locations in Nuremberg (source: Europäisches Institut für Tagungswirtschaft (EITW, European Institute for Conference Management).
Where the whiskey double bock is at home
Beer is at home in and around Nuremberg like nowhere else. Here, in an area the size of New Hampshire, hundreds of small and the smallest breweries are concentrated. Nuremberg is a beer city, surrounded by the beer state Bavaria – unique in the world! Or maybe not after all? The USA is anyway really setting the pace at the moment and is in the process of overtaking Germany in terms of brewery numbers. So, in other words, they are two heavyweights in the worldwide brewery industry. But two who understand each other: Be it in the diversity of the beers or professional convention business: here, as there, the standards are of gold. Reason enough to enter into business with one another: in Nuremberg. Here, there is not only a great deal of beer but also more than enough exhibition space and congress capacities.