A Place of Learning

Research and Innovation in Nuremberg

Nuremberg becoming an innovation capital for future technologies and R&D

Nuremberg is an excellent host for events in many fields of science and research. As a place of learning, Nuremberg is diverse, innovative, and flourishing. Many university-level educational institutions both public and private, research and development facilities, scientific laboratories, and start-up incubators are producing top-notch next-generation talent for business, science and research in the business location of Nuremberg.

Nuremberg’s universities

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region offers a vast range of options for university-level study – from fine arts and music, to artificial intelligence, to medicine, engineering and business administration. Nuremberg alone has some 24,000 registered students at the moment. If you go beyond the city limits to the Metropolitan Region, the figures grow still further. The area has a total of 20 university-level educational institutions, 50 research facilities, and some 100,000 students.

The university-level schools include:

  • The Academy of Fine Arts
  • The Nuremberg Lutheran University of Applied Sciences
  • Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • FernUniversität in Hagen - distance-learning university, Nuremberg Campus
  • Nuremberg Hochschule für Musik music conservatory
  • Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm technical university

Nuremberg Technical University, founded in 2021, has expanded the innovation ecosystem still further. It is expected to set new standards for German university-level institutions, and to become a model university of a whole new breed.

Research & development

Alongside these major-name university institutions, Nuremberg also conducts outstanding research outside the academic environment at many internationally famed research institutions and user centres. These involve a close link between business and science, and encourage interdisciplinary cooperation oriented to applications and solutions. Good examples here include the Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and the Energy Campus Nuremberg.

Open innovation, Nuremberg style

Science gets done in Nuremberg in more than just the ivory towers of dedicated institutions. Scientists and researchers are also looking for ways to come closer to society. You can see science and research at work first-hand in many forms and in many places around town. Many local museums offer lectures and Science Slams. Or you can try out innovations personally and become part of the development process at one of the innovation laboratories and start-up incubators like JOSEPHS – the open innovation laboratory.

The Nuremberg Business Promotion Office has prepared a detailed description of Nuremberg as a place of learning, with all its facilities and institutions. You can find it here.


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Fotos: Uni-Foyer / University Foyer © Oliver Kussinger