Medical Valley

Medical technology cluster

One industry is in excellent health

Economics, politics and research are working in one of the world’s strongest medical technology clusters on the healthcare of the future.

The European excellence cluster Medical Valley European Metropoliton Region Nürnberg shows what premium quality is in Nuremberg:

  • Over 500 medical technology companies such as Siemens Healthineers and Novartis Deutschland
  • 100 institutes and university facilities
  • 65 hospitals, including the largest community hospital in Europe, and the largest hospital pharmacy in Germany
  • 850,000 patients are treated at these hospitals every year and the only other place in Germany that matches this figure is Charité in Berlin.

In 2017, the German government named Medical Valley the country’s only “digital health hub” along with the digital business incubator ZOLLHOF, which is an indication of how much work is being put into digitalization in the health sector in and around Nuremberg.

Medical events in the best hands in Nuremberg

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region has long been a heavily used platform for the international and interdisciplinary sharing of information.

In addition, this development is being stimulated by numerous trade fairs and medical congresses, which in turn benefit from the medical expertise in the region and actively seek conversations between experts. Three examples of events here are

The congress rooms and exhibition halls at the NürnbergConvention Center and NürnbergMesse offered the perfect location for these three events.