Nuremberg: a digitalization centre in a medieval setting


Nuremberg is unique. It has a cosy feel, is historic, metropolitan, modern, innovative and digital – and is all of these in and around a historic centre dominated by the city’s impressive Imperial Castle.

The evidence of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region also being a very modern place is significantly less conspicuous, but no less sensational. For example, Bosch’s site in Nuremberg is investing EUR 60m in 3D printing and other digital techniques, the Nuremberg Digital Festival, previously called the Nuremberg Web Week, takes place every year, and in Cinecittá, the city boasts a multiplex cinema that uses world-leading digital technology.

Event portfolio – IT and digitalisation professionals on-site in Nuremberg

With its extensive exhibition portfolio on digitalization, NürnbergMesse has become an excellent choice of venue for trade fairs and conferences on this subject. Its current portfolio includes:

  • the world-leading trade fair embedded world
  • the world’s biggest exhibition for cybersecurity in terms of exhibitor numbers, it-sa
  • the it-sa India
  • the Net.Law.S – The Conference for Law, Society and Industry in the Digital World
  • and the new medical technology exhibition MedtecLIVE , which covers digitalization in healthcare among other topics.

Large congresses and other guest events on digitalization also take place at the NürnbergConvention Center every year. These include:

  • the German government’s Digital Summit (being held at the NürnbergConvention Center for the first time in December 2018)
  • the biggest independent software developers conference in Europe, Developer Week
  • the DOAG Conference + Exhibition
  • the DSAG Jahreskongress,
  • and many other highly specialized events.
Fotos: Deutschlands größtes Multiplexkino am Fluss