Why Nürnberg?

Nuremberg has locations of all sizes, good accessibility, a flourishing economic centre, culture, history and hospitality -

There are lots of good reasons for organizing an exhibition, congress or conference in Nuremberg.

Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg

Nuremberg is situated in the heart of Europe

A popular destination for tourists, business travellers, exhibition and congress attendees, Nuremberg is attracting more and more visitors from all over the world. Its transport links and infrastructure are excellent. You can find out how to get there easily here.

Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg

Nuremberg offers unique locations

Regardless of whether it’s a congress, a conference, a seminar or a corporate event you’re planning, you’ll find numerous unique event rooms that meet your needs in Nuremberg.

NürnbergConvention Center - NCC Mitte

NürnbergConvention Center with space for 12,800 attendees

Irrespective of whether you want to hold large congresses, staff events, gala evenings or product presentations, with 50 event rooms and the adjoining 16 exhibition halls available, the NürnbergConvention Center offers you an outstanding range of facilities to choose from.

NürnbergConvention, Medical Valley EMN

Nuremberg is in touch with the health sector’s latest developments

A third of all German patents in the field of medicine and diagnoses come from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region. As you might expect, so much medical expertise concentrated in one place also attracts intelligent minds. Click here to find out where meetings and discussions between experts take place.

NürnbergConvention University

Nuremberg creates great young professionals

In cooperation with universities and research institutes, Siemens, Leoni, MAN and 24,000 other companies in Nuremberg are driving cutting-edge technologies forward.

Nuremberg, View of the city

Nuremberg: a digitalization centre in a medieval setting

Nuremberg offers concentrated digitalization competence in a medieval setting.

Nuremberg is an award winner

More and more visitors are being captivated by Nuremberg’s charm – and the awards the city has won are proof of that.

Fotos: "Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nürnberg": Florian Trykowski, Nürnberg, DJH Jugendherbege, Blick auf Stadt © Thomas Linkel Fotodesign