The Nürnberg Scene.

Shopping, eating out and Nightlife.

Strolling through Nürnbergs’s exclusive shops, enjoying a Caffè Latte, watching people go by and rounding off the evening in a cocktail bar. Can you switch off better than this?

Much more than just Sausages and Lebkuchen

Life in the city is enjoyable in Nuremberg. The culinary spectrum ranges from Franconian pub and international cuisine to starred restaurant, and the ambience is rustic, cosy and romantic or urban style as you like. Incidentally, you really must try the famous Nuremberg sausages and sauerkraut once in your lifetime. The best way to do this is in one of the old sausage restaurants around the “Hauptmarkt”, the main market square in Nuremberg, or as “3 im Weckla”, 3 sausages in a bread roll for eating by hand.

Shopping from luxury to low-budget

On a stroll through Nuremberg’s large shopping precincts, you obviously find all the familiar brands and labels that belong in a modern city today – from luxury to low-budget. But those who stray into one of the idyllic quarters below the castle or on the Trödelmarkt island after a break in the espresso bar discover unusual shops for fashion, toys, jewellery or home accessories. Lovingly decorated shop windows whet the appetite for tasting, or for visiting an antiquarian bookshop or art gallery.

Cocktails, Clubbing and Cabaret

Take a break, freshen up a little and then off to Nuremberg’s nightlife. The best place to start is in one of the cosy beer gardens or a cocktail lounge on the banks of the river, or in one of the trendy bars and pubs to warm up in cool weather. Depending on your desire for exercise and your talent, you can then visit one of the many live concerts, a trendy club, the karaoke bar or a cabaret club. Most of the locations are in the old town centre and within easy walking distance. Otherwise, the underground, a bus or a friendly taxi driver can help.

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