Leisure in Franconia.

Green, romantic and delicious.

Lots of water, wonderful nature, historic cities, Franconian food and drinks. Can you meet at a place that more freely and light-heartedly bubbles over with good ideas?

It would be a pity to spend all your time in Nuremberg in exhibition halls or conference rooms, because Nuremberg is also never boring during leisure or holiday time. This is the right place for anyone who likes contrasts. Besides places of interest and culture and a lively nightlife , the region around Nuremberg is a paradise for sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and gourmets.

Lots of Water and even more Nature

Switzerland starts barely half an hour away by car, in Germany, mind you. Franconian Switzerland and Hersbruck Switzerland are big attractions with challenging rock climbs, hiking trails, clear streams, extensive cave formations and idyllic beer gardens or restaurants. The Franconian Lake District Franconian Lake District with its five lakes has long ceased to be a hot tip for sailors, surfers and families, but is one of Bavaria’s most important tourism regions. But leisure fun starts before this in Nuremberg itself with boat trips on the Dutzendteich Lake or Wöhrder See Lake, skating round the Dutzendteich and Nazi Party rally grounds, or long walks in one of the wonderful parks.

Romantic Towns and Eating Culture

Bamberg, Rothenburg, Würzburg, Coburg, Dinkelsbühl, Ansbach, Erlangen, Fürth, the Franconian towns around Nuremberg possess a unique charm. Each of them is marked by an unmistakable townscape and its very own history. Visitors can enjoy unusual museums, places of interest, a rich leisure and cultural programme, hospitality, and above all the wonderful Franconian food. Franconia with some 300 breweries is not only the home of beer, but also produces excellent wines like the famous Bocksbeutel. Many pubs and restaurants use regional products for their food. And anyone lucky enough to visit Franconia in spring or autumn should definitely not miss a traditional asparagus dish or a Franconian carp.

Photos: Linkes Bild/left: © FrankenTourismus/FRS/Hub; Mittleres Bild/middle: © FrankenTourismus/Rhön/Hub; rechtes Bild/right: © FrankenTourismus/FRS/Hub