Commitment to the Past.

Nürnberg provokes Thought.

Nürnberg. From the city of Nazi Party rallies to the city of human rights and peace. Can you meet at a better place for provoking thought?

Nürnberg is closely connected with the history of National Socialism through the Nazi Party rallies in Nürnberg, the Nürnberg Racial Laws and the Nürnberg War Crimes Trials. But instead of covering up and forgetting, the city sees its past as a commitment. Activities that focus attention on worldwide violations of human rights run through the spiritual, political and social life of Nürnberg.

The Past as a warning

The Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds examines both the fascination of the Nazi Party rallies in Nürnberg and the associated terror. It links the gigantic plans for the Nazi Party rally groundswith the National Socialist architecture still present in many places in Nürnberg and comments on these. The Memorium Nürnberg Trials Exhibition enables visitors to trace the course of the trials as well as the developments arising from the court proceedings as far as the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The Avenue of Human Rights

This walk-in work of art by the Israeli artist Dani Karavan with its 27 towering concrete columns symbolizes Nürnberg’s commitment to the past. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights carved there in stone has sharpened the whole city’s awareness. Today Nürnberg speaks out as a city of peace and human rights through its “Nürnberg Human Rights Award”, the “International Human Rights Film Festival”, the “Avenue of Children’s Rights in the City Park” and the many international twin city partnerships.


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