A healthy Sector.

Medical Valley.

Industry, politics and research are working together on tomorrow’s health care in one of the world’s strongest medical technology clusters. Where can you get more advanced technology than this?

The concentration of pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical research and training institutions, hospitals and providers of medical and health services in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region is unique throughout Germany. Over 250 small and medium enterprises and the global players Siemens Healthcare and Novartis Pharma are based in the region. They combine their capabilities and powers of innovation in
Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN).

Cooperation in the Service of Medicine

In the scientific community, the medical faculty of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is one of the most respected in Germany. The region is also pioneering in hospital management. The Erlangen University Hospital with its 42 clinics, institutes and departments is highly renowned internationally, and Nuremberg Hospital is one of Europe’s largest municipal hospitals with the maximum level of medical services. The intensive networking of the various competence areas of research, development and teaching, production and service is one of the reasons why the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs located the medical technology cluster in Nuremberg to promote the joint development of innovative technologies.


Medical Valley

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