Art and Culture.

Nürnberg stimulates.

From Albrecht Dürer to Joseph Beuys. From Grand opera to Rock im Park. Nürnberg has a wealth of art and culture to offer. Can you meet in a more stimulating city?

Nürnberg out of date? Not in the least! The city is naturally proud of its medieval architecture, its many museums with precious evidence of the past, and the art treasures in old churches and historic places, but a lively art and culture scene is also booming and bubbling in the midst of this wonderful scenery. Nürnberg’s great open air events are legendary. Blue Night, Minstrels Gathering, Classical Open Air, Rock in the Park – the summer in Nürnberg is classical and popular. Sometimes colourful and loud, sometimes reflective, sometimes romantic.

Antique Art and cultural Treasures

The New Museum – State Museum of Art and Design is not the only museum worth a trip to Nürnberg. The city is also the home of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum , the most important museum of cultural history in the German-speaking region, and of one of the world’s major toy museums. Nürnberg has more than thirty museums for residents and visitors. Just one of many reasons to come again.

A colourful Potpourri of Art and Culture

For those interested in art history, the churches in Nürnberg and the world-famous Johannis cemetery offer peaceful moments for discovering outstanding legacies of the Gothic and Renaissance period. You can ramble through the old town at your leisure on the trail of Albrecht Dürer, Veit Stoß, Martin Behaim or Willibald Pirckheimer. Nürnberg has by no means remained in the Middle Ages, but is also occupied with its more recent past. The history of the city at the time of National Socialism is excellently documented and illustrated.

Nürnberg State Theatre

Other metropolises want to cut back or even close whole theatres. Not the city of the Master Singers. The Nürnberg State Theatre’s opera house and theatre have been freshly renovated and shine in new splendour, and the ensembles are attracting attention with outstanding productions. Nürnberg audiences enjoy bel canto singing of the highest standard, exciting ballet evenings that pay homage to classic dancing despite their modern choreography, and philharmonic concerts with two orchestras of international standing. Both the Nürnberg Symphony Orchestra and their opera colleagues from the Nürnberg State Philharmonic Orchestra organize their own series of concerts.



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