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Nürnberg’s many Facets?

Meeting in Nuremberg.

Surrounded by 1,000 years of Nürnberg’s history and in the midst of a unique old town setting, business, art, culture and the scene shape a modern and lively metropolis.

The locations for exhibitions, congresses and events are as varied as the city itself. The modern Convention Center is naturally the hub of activity, but what about a historic event location, a combined package of conference and event, a gala dinner as finale, an unusual underground tour of the city, a live performance, or a visit to a company?

Photo Castle: © Uwe Niklas

Nuremberg's everywhere.

Nuremberg's everywhere

Foto: www.istockphoto.de/Marisa9
It may be the rustling of a Trolli gummy bear bay on the plane, the Adidas sneakers of the cool guy at the baggage belt or the chic jewellery by Thomas Sabo the lady in the taxi line wears.
Nuremberg brands are everywhere.

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