The NürnbergConvention Center and Exhibition venue at a glance

NürnbergConvention Center Mitte

The NürnbergConvention Center (NCC) has three dedicated convention facilities – NCC Mitte, NCC Ost and NCC West – and the multi-function (Frankenhalle). All have direct access to the Exhibition Center (180,000 m²), so you have almost unlimited opportunities for events of any kind, whether a trade fair, a convention, or a large corporate occasion. With capacity for up to 12,800 attendees in 50 halls and rooms, and its modern architecture and up-to-date technical equipment, the NCC is one of the top convention centers in Europe.

Congress and conference capacitiy

NürnbergMesse venue overall

  • A compact venue, some 180,000 m² of gross indoor exhibition space
  • 16 exhibition halls, readily subdividable into segments, mostly at ground level
  • Up to 50,000 m² of gross outdoor exhibition space
  • Extensive landscaping, including in the park between exhibition halls
  • All halls can be used in combination with the NCCs. Many are connected directly.
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Logistics and navigation

  • Systematic seperation of visitor and delivery traffic
  • No problem holding parallel events
  • Innovative navigation and information system
    • Automated guidance for easy orientation throughout the site
    • Personalised use of displays
    • Centralised control and real-time updates (online)


  • 6 entrance areas with all service facilities

Food service

  • 7 restaurants with seating for more than 1,700 guests
  • 3 cafeterias in entry areas
  • 9 bistros with seating for more than 600 guests


  • 13,500 parking spaces in total (including several electric charging stations)
  • 6,500 spaces within walking distance (3,000 in the indoor car park)
  • More parking in immediate vicinity (shuttle buses)