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Hausbrauerei Altstadthof Nürnberg

Tempting beer tours

"Delicious beers – 700 years of Nürnberg’s beer history"
Nürnberg has a long tradition of beer – at this event you can listen to a medieval landlord’s amusing tales of beer and enter the world of beer brewing during a visit to the Altstadthof brewery in Nürnberg. Enjoy Franconian delicacies and experience Nürnberg’s hospitality!

Dine around

Experience Nürnberg in a pleasant way and combine your visit to the old town steeped in tradition with the enjoyment of typically Franconian specialities in three or four different restaurants.

Original Franconian delicacies are on the menu, which you can naturally choose to suit your individual wishes. We’ll be pleased to advise you on the right choice of menu.

Enjoy tasty food made from fresh and mainly local ingredients in typical Nürnberg restaurants. The piquant anecdotes from the city’s history add a spicy touch to the tour.

Dine around Nürnberg is especially suitable for groups of 10 or more persons who would like to spend four to five entertaining and communicative hours with these mental and physical treats.


Are you looking for an event that is entertaining, interesting and suitable for different requirements?

We offer:

  • Wine seminars
  • Cookery courses
  • Combined cookery and wine events – team-building events

Our events are not only unusual, but also informative and offer an amusing and unforgettable time. Enjoyable things stick in the mind! Whether customers, business partners or staff.

Knights’ banquet– the medieval feast

“Knights’ Banquet” or “Emperor’s Banquet”
Spend a rustic evening with friends or business partners in the style of a medieval feast in the historic 12th-century Klosterkeller restaurantwith food and drink brought by the servant.The meal consists of eight courses with music, games and fun.A sumptuous experience that takes you back to the times of the robber baron “Eppelein von Gailingen"!


A special kind of theme event.
Experience an unforgettable evening with your guests in Casablanca.

Tea and fresh figs are served on admission. The buffet is naturally real Moroccan style. You can hear Ingrid Bergmann whispering "Play it again, Sam." And Sam obviously sits at the piano, playing and singing his famous lines “You must remember this. A kiss is just a kiss”. Guests can gamble on tables in the back room and relax by smoking the original Moroccan shisha.

An evening that gets under your skin and sticks in your mind!
Possible number of guests: 50 – 500 persons
Location: anywhere – in a room, hall or canteen


An exclusive evening as 1st class passenger on the Titanic

The “passengers” enter the ship over a gangway. The foyer: a port atmosphere, a ship’s bow and authentic large decorations await them.

The guests then enter the dining room, stylish table decoration, the salon orchestra and extras in original costumes transfer the guests into the Belle Epoque period.

The main feature of the event is the authentic 11-course meal that was served in the 1st class dining room on the RMS Titanic on the fatal night of 14April 1912. An interactive dinner theatre starts while the guests get down to this unique culinary treat. Actors mix with the illustrious company. The plot takes its course.

Transport your guests to the period 100 years ago – feel the flair of the era and enjoy the rustic atmosphere.

Possible number of guests: 50 – 500 persons
Location: anywhere – in a room, hall or canteen

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