Locations in Nuremberg

Nuremberg, Leonardo Royal Hotel, Lobby, Bar

Looking for the right space for a convention, conference, or seminar? Need the right setting for a corporate event? Nuremberg has a wealth of unique event locations, and offers many different ways to arrange a custom-tailored concept for your event space - wheter your event takes place on-site, digitally or both. We’ll be delighted to help you find the right event location.

Location Finder

Location Finder

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Convention centers (German only)

Find the right space for your convention, meeting, or event.

Eventlocation © Thomas Riese

Event locations (German only)

Nuremberg’s event locations have something for every need.

View of the Old town of Nuremberg

Our event locations (German only)

Nuremberg has so very many event sites. We’ll lay them out to make your choice easy.

Streaming studios for your digital or hybrid event

Hybrid studio Meistersingerhalle – Billmann Event GmbH
© Billmann Event GmbH, Meistersingerhalle / Stadt Nürnberg

Meistersingerhalle: Hybrid studio

Working with its cooperating partner Billmann Event GmbH, the Meistersingerhalle offers a wide range of options for virtual and hybrid event formats. Its streaming studio, permanently available, can handle all aspirations, from cost-effective to innovative.

© OFENWERK Betriebs-GbR

OFENWERK: A streaming studio

Whether for live, online or hybrid events, OFENWERK’s professionally equipped streaming studio can handle any format. Three studio settings are on offer: The Lounge, with a sitting room atmosphere, The Talk, and The Stage.

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