Boost your event with the right accompanying programme

Bardentreffen Nuremberg © Berny Meyer

A perfect frame for your event

You can make a good convention or conference even better with a suitable, intriguing accompanying programme.

Nuremberg offers guests a wide range of exciting, thematically related, entertaining and culinary experiences and incentives, for individuals or groups. Whether it’s a tantalising beer tour of the Historic Rock-Cut Cellars with subsequent beer tasting, or a course in baking lebkuchen (gingerbread), a visit to see pencils made at Schloss Faber-Castell, or a detective tour tracking down clues in the Old Town – we’ll work with you to find the best programme items and activities to complement your on-site, digital or hybrid event.

Guided city tours in Nuremberg

City tours

Discover Nuremberg in a group tour, whether on foot or by bus. Whether you’d like to find out more about the city’s history, try out the local cuisine, or just explore town, our range of city tours has something for every taste.

Foxtrail © TI-Press

Incentives & team-building

Get to know yourself and your colleagues better with an incentive treat or team-building activity.

Gingerbread Backing workshop © Wicklein GmbH & Co. KG

Culinary events

Pamper your customers with a delicious culinary Nuremberg highlight, like a course in baking lebkuchen (gingerbread) or a beer tasting.

Hiking in Nuremberg © Florian Trykowski


If you’re already in Nuremberg, you’re in a great position to take an excursion into its lovely environs. You can find out more here.

Inside tip: NÜRNBERG CARD + Fürth

Offer more for your guests and attendees with the Nuremberg City Card. It covers admission to some 30 museums and other attractions for 48 hours, along with free travel on public transport and an additional 50 per cent discount on activities operated by participating organisations. We’ll be happy to tell you about prices and terms.

Digital services

Are you looking for that certain extra for your event? Add a location-independent, digital highlight to your event – ideally suited for remote teams or cold and rainy days.

El Paradiso

El Paradiso: HYBReat deliverable boxed meals

Whether they’re working at home or attending a digital event, El Paradiso provides a special culinary experience to ensure happy employees and attendees. Its deliverable boxed meals can be booked in a variety of combinations and delivered anywhere in Germany.

KPZ Online museum talks
© Kunst- und Kulturpädagogisches Zentrum der Museen in Nürnberg

KPZ: Online museum discussions

Why not provide a special cultural highlight for your remote attendees? KPZ offers individually booked online museum discussions with live moderators. Presenters show and explain images and videos for some of the finest works and special exhibitions from Nuremberg museums. All of it live, and always with dialogue.

© MaKi Escape GmbH


Team-building on the Web. ParaPark and its LIVE ONLINE ESCAPE GAMES ensure fun at your event. All participants join the selected thematic rooms by videoconferencing. Here each player guides an avatar through the game in real time. The object is to solve all the riddles before the clock runs out.

Seminarhaus Kernmühle
© Kernmühle Horneber Gbr

Seminarhaus Kernmühle: A live bread-baking course online

Perfect for digital events is the online active bread baking course with Jutta Horneber. For all interested bread bakers who cannot come to the Kernmühle, the course offers the ideal opportunity to learn how to bake bread in your own kitchen. Using a zoom meeting, the experienced baker shows step by step how good and delicious breads can also be made at home. She also shares valuable tips on the subject of bread.

Wie schmeckt meine Stadt
© Wie schmeckt meine Stadt GbR

Wie schmeckt meine Stadt (The taste of my city): Digital city tours

Nuremberg offers a wealth of history, culinary specialties, culture, and lifestyle options. And you can also explore and experience them from home, in an online tour or a customised online talk. If you like, the digital tour of town can be spiced up with culinary delights.

Fotos: Bardentreffen Nürnberg © Berny Meyer, Stadtführung Nürnberg Kettensteg © Florian Trykowski, Foxtrail © TI-Press, Backofen Lebkuchen Backkurs © Wicklein GmbH & Co. KG, Aktiv Wandern in Nürnberg © Florian Trykowski, ©, © Kunst- und Kulturpädagogisches Zentrum der Museen in Nürnberg, © MaKi Escape GmbH, © Kernmühle Horneber Gbr, © Wie schmeckt meine Stadt GbR